Yophoto Photobook Idea: Coffee Table Books

Recently, we had a customer who said that when making his photobook, he felt like he was making his very own, bespoke coffee table book. We loved that he said this because that’s exactly how we see it, too. Our easy to use software allows customers to create beautiful, long-lasting compilations of their favourite memories that they can proudly display at home or in the office and they look terrific stacked high on a– you guessed it– coffee table!

For this week’s photobook idea, we want to give you a few ideas for creating bespoke coffee table books that you could add to year-on-year, allowing you to create a themed set of bespoke books filled with your memories.

Once a year, print your favourite photos of your children and watch them grow as you turn the pages.
Re-live your most memorable holiday moments by creating a book filled with memories from your travels.
Create a book for each year of your marriage and watch your love grow as the books pile up.
Have you just moved to a new country our home? Make a photobook for each year that you live in that place. (a customer of ours did just this when she moved to England, as you can see above.)
Do you own a business? Create a photobook of work you’ve completed once a year to show your clients and promote your business.

Those are some of our ideas, but we’d love to hear yours on Facebook and Twitter!