Traditionally August and September are busy months at Yophoto as we see the seasonal influx of photo books containing lovely photos of your holidays with family and friends. This year the influx continues but for obvious reasons the contents are very different. Staycation is the word on trend as covid restrictions for overseas travel continue and it certainly looks as though the British public have been making the most of the wonderful scenery the UK has to offer, from the coastal resorts of Cornwall to the highlands of Scotland and all that lies between. According to industry sources new Camper van sales increased by 50% over last year and used camper van sales are 5 times higher in the same period. Camping, glamping and caravanning have also seen huge increases which indicates that getaways to nature are becoming our chosen way of escaping during these troubled times. The staycation will also have a positive effect on the UK economy as well as the environment so let’s hope that people continue to appreciate the beauty and diversity that is our own doorstep and please don’t forget to record all those wonderful memories in a Yophoto photo book!