Photo Book Idea: Product Books

Calling all poets, painters and candlestick makers! If you’re an artisan, you want people see your work in a way that makes them shine. If you’re a knitwear designer, this might be a look-book featuring your autumn collection, if you’re a poet, it may be a book of your poems with accompanying illustrations, and if you’re a potter, as you can see above, perhaps it’s a photobook complete with your best pieces.

As our world becomes more digital, tactile representations of our work become more and more meaningful. Handing a compact photobook to someone you meet is a great way to engage them with your work and setting a photo book with a portfolio of your work at a convention stand or gallery will allow people to see the breadth of your work with just the flick of a page.

This book is by a woman who is just starting her pottery businesses. She loved the way her images looked on the page, and no matter what your craft may be, we think you will, too.