On-line Editor Calendar Launch

On-line Editor Calendar Launch

Nov 3, 2016

A recent update to our Yophoto software now includes support for Mac OS Sierra, and introduces calendar products to the on-line version of the editor for the first time.

Updated versions of the software have been available for download since the 31st October. This latest version is designated 2016r3 and displays in the bottom left corner of the application’s opening splash screen. Automatic updates are available for existing PC and Mac users next time they run the Yophoto Editor. Updating the software only affects the application and won’t alter or lose any of your valuable projects or data!

The calendar products are available to the on-line editor in time for the Christmas season. There are a variety of styles and sizes available to the tablet and smart phone users.

Browse the Yophoto website, and click one of the quick links in the site footer page, or visit the calendar pages to select the style that you’d like to use, then simply start the on-line editor option under that product.

Due to the smaller screen sizes of the tablets and phones, the functionality has been purposely kept at a simple level for calendar customisation. If you wish to use the fully featured calendar creation tools, these are accessed in the desktop/offline version of the Yophoto editor which is available to download from the website for both Mac and PC.

Keep an eye out for our Christmas special offers and have fun creating memorable gifts for your family and friends!