Essena O'Neil

Has the world gone Instagram mad?

Lately we have seen a lot of news around Instagram. In this day and age are we becoming more focused on ourselves and how we are portrayed via social media? It would appear so. Although social media can be a positive thing, it also has a much darker side. A side that perhaps was at first over-looked.

But now, as the young Australian model and Instagram star Essena O’Neil quits social media and breaks down for the world to see, Instagram once more is up for discussion. The model admits that from the ages of 12-16 she dreamt of achieving social status via social media, such as Instagram.

Essena O’Neil then spent the following two years (age 16-18) building up her social media status. But as she strived for perfection, posing in tiny bikinis and dresses. It became clear that the social media stardom she had wished for, was actually a recipe for a breakdown (an online youtube style while the world looked on), eventually resulting in the teen deleting her social media accounts.

But before she did this, she edited the comments under all of her Instagram photos. Telling all our fans the truth behind the photos. Since then, Essena O’Neil has started a website called in the attempt to show others there is no need for social media. She believes that the world has gone Instagram mad.

But perhaps there is a balance when it comes to social media, certainly for the younger generations, where it has become normal to be surrounded with social media all the time. After all, did you hear about that other young model who complained to her fans that she had not received enough “likes” after she had announced over Instagram she was going on holiday? The young model was outraged and lashed out via social media at our fans, claiming they obviously did not care!

For these young women the world of social media and the real world stand side by side and that is when being effected in a negative way by social media is more likely.