the litter picker softcover story book

Environmentally friendly

Without a doubt the last 18 months has been a very difficult and challenging time for everybody but it has also given us an opportunity to reflect on how we can strengthen our commitment to a better world as we move forward.

Here at Yophoto we have a strong commitment to sustainability with all our products printed on FSC accredited papers and boards together with a zero plastic policy on packaging to allow recycling. We are also proud to be members of the woodland trust carbon capture scheme which means that although we pay a little more for our paper products that extra goes into the purchasing and replanting of trees.

With the above in mind we have also produced a personalised children’s storybook with a strong environmental message, the book not only allows you to have the name of your child throughout the book but also uniquely to us add photo’s onto the pages. The storybook is a fantastic way to enhance your child’s reading experience and make them smile.