wedding photo albums

Create A Wedding Photo Album

Nowadays there are so many more options when it comes to creating a wedding photo album. Long gone are the days that you had to select just a few photos and mount them carefully in one album. Now it is possible to create more than one album for family and friends. Making it easier to share the love…now that’s what we’re about!!

wedding photo albums

Making your own album means that you can choose the look and feel of the album itself, so it perfectly fits the bride and grooms personal style. If you need any help with the layout of your book or perhaps you are just looking for some inspiration then click here.

It is possible to make the album exactly how you want it, so that it fits the day just as it should. With our Wedding Photo Album packages it is possible to choose from…

  1. The cover
  2. The size
  3. The layout
  4. The wording
  5. Great quality paper with gloss finish
  6. How many book do you need?

We also offer exclusive wedding packages, that make it possible to create more than just the one book for the bride and groom. This means no one misses out and everyone has something to remember the special day by!

Wedding Pack 1

Consists of:
1 x A3 Probook
2 x A4 landscape photo books
4 x A5 landscape photo books

Wedding Pack 2

Consists of:
1 x A3 Probook
4 x A4 landscape photo books

So what are you waiting for…go and check out our wedding photo album packages here!