Google+ has been used for a number of years now for its image-editing, photo storage and image sharing, but it’s really a social network and not an image library which would be more useful for photographers. Google has realised this and now offers a place to do just that called Google Photos.

Google Photos is Google’s equivalent of Apple’s iPhoto, and allows you to sort your images by people, places, and and other categories you care to imagine. It comes in three 3 flavours – Android, iOS, and desktop, and offers unlimited free storage whilst maintaining the original photograph or video resolution for up to 16 megapixels images and 1080p videos.

Once Google Photos has access to your photographic library, it enables you to thoroughly organise you images too. The system is capable of sorting your photos by people, locations, and popular subjects automatically. It can calculate who and what should be categorised for you in each image. Searches can be performed by keyword, and Google Photos will automatically retrieve images from sporting occasions or family holidays for example.

You’re able to batch delete, save, or edit photos on the go, and in the app version you can swipe to the left to bring up a photos assistant, which allows editing features for your photos and videos. You can also create a web galleries to share with friends.

Check out Google’s own site here, where you’ll be able to download the desktop, iOS or Android apps and get started on organising your images.