5 ways to get inspired

5 ways to get inspired: Photography

Whether you are a professional, a budding photographer, a student or just like to take a few snaps? Getting inspired can often be the tricky part. But actually getting inspired is easier than you think. In this day and age we are surrounded with things that can be used to inspire us. Often in the most unlikely of places! What do we mean? Well, then these tips are for you.

1. Keep your camera with you

It may sound a little fanatic, but trust us if you want to get inspired then this is a handy tip. If you have your camera with you all of the time then you will have no excuse on missing that shot. Just remember you have the camera with you.

2. Don’t be obvious

What do we mean by this? Simple. Look around, pay attention to not just the “obvious” things (that people expect you to take photos of). Beauty is in the smaller details, so think outside of the box if you want to get inspired.

– Open-mind set

– A sharp eye

3. Take inspiration from photographers & artists

Think about playing with light and composition. What is the overall look you want to create from your image. Take a look at online magazines and visit exhibitions when you can. One of our favourites is DazedDigital.com, click on the link to discover some of the best new photographers the world has to offer and importantly GET INSPIRED.

4. Be open to change

Right, this one could be a little hard to swallow, if you are of creative mind-set. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t big fans of “constructive criticism”. But we promise, if you take the criticism and chanel it in a constructive way, then this will help you view your images from an outsiders point of view (Oh, yeah, of course unless they are wrong!)

5. Keep a diary

Yes, yes, you heard it here! Now, I think it is important that we clarify that this does not have to be a “Dear Diary…”. By all means, it can be! It can be a sketch book, scrap book, random recordings and observations of humanity…whatever you like! Try noting down quotes that inspire you, locations that entrap you and any findings that interest you. The idea behind this? So when you are at your most uninspired you can flick through and get those creative juices flowing (and get inspired!). It might even be an idea to record your favourite finds in one of our quickbooks. As the name would suggest, this product is quick and easy to create and is quickly dispatched so you will have it in no time!

Get creative and inspiration will follow…really?

These techniques will keep the creative side of the brain active and this means that it is even easier to find inspiration from things around you and get inspired.

Once your mind-set is in this creative state, you will be surprised by how you begin to notice and observe things that wouldn’t normally catch your eye.

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